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1-on-1 Private Sessions

I help people navigate all types of relationships: hetero, non-hetero, monogomous, open, polyamorous, platonic friendships, familial. 

Most often, I help people: ​

  • Identify relational patterns that keep them in the same trauma cycles

  • Get honest about their desires and needs

  • Learn how to communicate authentically

  • Navigate alternative ways of relating (open/poly relationships)

  • Become relationally brave 

  • Improve sex and intimacy

  • Move on from previous lovers

  • Create and maintain healthy boundaries

  • Gain clarity on whether to stay or leave a relationship

  • Navigate issues within the family

  • Use their wounds as map to their own healing

Awareness is the foundation of conscious growth and healing. When you can discover who you truly are and live in alignment, you're able to find more meaning and fulfillment in your life. 

Most often, I help people: 

  • Understand and use my ritual Creating the Circle Within

  • Discover their emotional, physical, and spiritual blocks

  • Use their body as an intuitive antenna to connect to their true self

  • Bring masculine and feminine energies into balance

  • Become a beacon of their own true desires

  • Practice radical honesty

  • Understand physical illness and how it relates to their spiritual growth

  • Make sense of and integrate spiritual awakenings and experiences

  • Understand and navigate the death and rebirth process

  • Build a spiritual toolbox to navigate difficult experiences 

  • Use their wounds as a map to their own healing

Through years of my own personal inner work, depth psychology doctoral training, consciousness research, and psychedelic and spiritual journeys and learnings, I've created a ritual. This ritual is based on alchemy and will help you reach the very depths of your core, help you to soak into and be with your body, to physically embody your soul, to truly unleash your deepest wisdom, and most of all . . . to guide you in becoming who you truly are. This ritual is deeply somatic in nature and serves to provide healing on all spiritual, emotional, psychological, and physical levels. 

The Ritual

Creating the circle within

Learn more about this ritual download my ebook