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Parts of me

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Meet Jonalyn

I'm a scholar, a consciousness researcher, and an artist. I received my doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco and completed my dissertation research titled Riding the Bliss Wave: A Thematic Analysis of Intuitive Entheogen Dance Experiences in Women (read: Psychedelic Research). I've had the honor of presenting and sharing my research around the world. I offer psychedelic and spiritual integrationcoaching, psychotherapy, tarot readings, and Kambo ceremonies. My approach and perspective is influenced by Jungian and Somatic Psychology, Eastern philosophy, and Indigenous ways of being and rituals.  

It is my hope that my art can invoke in you a sense of awe and a desire to connect to the depths within yourself. I'm committed to a life of mystery and magic and often find myself traversing the depths of darkness as I know that it’s in these depths that the understanding and search for self begins. 


Symbols of Transformation

Beetle Logo.png

Scarab Beetle

Transcending the boundaries of darkness and the underworld, the scarab is an emblem of resurrection and rebirth. The scarab's path is a path of becoming and of knowing the finite and infinite dimensions of self through ascension. 


As a symbol of transmutation, the Raven symbolizes the connection between the material and spirit worlds. They remind us of the deep inner wisdom and insight we can gain when we connect to the space between realms, our bodies. 

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Life and Death Cycles

There is no beginning or end, just a constant process that requires tending to. When we can let go and surrender, we can allow ourselves and our process to evolve. This requires both a tolerance for the unknown and the cultivation of curiosity for our experiences. 

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