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Psychedelic Integration

"The universal challenge is to transform peak experiences into plateau experiences, epiphanies into personality, states into stages, and altered states into altered traits."
- Roger Walsh

Psychedelic experiences can often open us to aspects of ourselves and our world that we hadn't before discovered. They alter our perception and understanding of ourselves and our relationships and of life itself. They dissolve the veils and open us to spiritual downloads, visions, and connections that we didn't have access to before. They can also bring up traumatic memories, overwhelming feelings, and difficult to understand insights. Whether your journey felt subtle or substantial, psychedelics create shifts in the unconscious that may not appear or make sense right away. The key to making meaning of and creating lasting growth and healing out of these experiences is by integrating them into our normal waking daily lives. 

Psychedelic integration is a process of exploring all

that awoken within you during your psychedelic journey with gentle curiosity. 

My doctoral research examined the interplay between the mind and the body during psychedelic experiences. I found that altered states has dramatic impacts on both the mind and the body. Psychedelic Integration with me always involves the body. In these sessions we'll focus on: 

  • Somatic and non-verbal communication of the body

  • Intuitive movement (physically moving through your internal experience)

  • Verbal communication

  • Psychedelic education and navigation tools

  • Creating rituals and practices for further integration


With proper preparation and integration, psychedelic experiences can fundamentally transform you. 

Preparation &

This package includes 2 preparation sessions

and 2 integration sessions.

(60 min. sessions)

Integration Only

This includes two integration sessions. 

(60 min. sessions)

*Please note that the Psychedelic Integration is intended to be a safe space for those who have used, are currently using, or intend to use psychedelic substances in their personal lives and outside of a legal setting. Psychedelic Integration does not involve providing or prescribing any psychedelic or other controlled substance to anyone. It does not include referring to “underground” resources, recommending use, guiding, supervising or otherwise being present with a client during a psychedelic experience. Clients should not plan to attend sessions while under the influence of any psychedelic or any other controlled substance, unless prescribed by a doctor.

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