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Connect, cleanse, energize and detoxify your physical, spiritual, and energetic bodies. 

Individual Ceremony

1:1 sessions

In an individual ceremony, you get my full undivided attention for 2-3 hours. Before the ceremony, I'll help you get clear on your intentions in order to deep dive into your healing experience. Afterwards, we'll spend time integrating your experience so that you leave feeling grounded, clear, and contained. Intention and integration are both process oriented experiences that include the physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies. 

This is a good option for you if: 

  • This is your first time sitting with Kambô

  • You are working with disease, infertility, or physical illness

  • You want the 1:1 attention to dive deeper into your personal process

Group Ceremony

4-7 people per group

Group ceremonies give us the chance to heal together in community through ritual. Whether you have a chosen group or you're joining a monthly circle, we'll have the chance to witness and support one another in our healing journeys both personally and collectively.​

This is a good option for you if: 

  • This is not your first time sitting with Kambô

  • You have friends, family, or partners you'd like to heal with

  • You want to do a general detox

Lunar cycle ceremonies

1:1 sessions

The lunar cycle ceremonies is a series of three 1:1 Kambô rituals within one moon cycle. These ceremonies include process oriented intention preparation and integration of the experience. 

This is a good option for you if: 

  • You've worked with Kambô before and you want to go deeper

  • You are working with infertility, physical illness, depression, or anxiety

  • You want 1:1 attention 

  • You want to deepen the cleansing process at a manageable pace

Image by Tim Foster

San Francisco Bay Area

Image by Payson Wick

Denver, Colorado

Image by Fabian Mardi

Eastern South Dakota

Image by Eric Muhr

Greater Sacramento Area (Main location)

What folks are saying after ceremony...

Amber, South Dakota

I had a private Kambo ceremony with Jonalyn. In preparation for the ceremony , we had an hour phone session and she provided me instructions for a dieta to follow to help me be best prepared for sitting with Kambo. Jonalyn made the whole experience comfortable and beneficial and I really couldn’t imagine that it could have been any better. Jonalyn was the person I needed her to be while guiding, educating, prompting and counseling me to different perspectives, new ideas, and a higher level of awareness that I needed. I felt well informed, prepared, and at ease throughout my work with Jonalyn. There was an instant trust and an easy connection that allowed me to much more easily dive in to allowing the work to happen.

Candace, San Francisco

I did 3 ceremonies with Jonalyn and it felt like i cracked open the shell of limiting beliefs and behaviors holding me back in life and in my work. I let go of the moldy-toxic residue in my body that helped me to break free of the fear based mentality around loving my partner unconditionally, forgiving my father, and stepping into my calling of being an entrepreneur. I've since founded my own company and will be marrying the love of my life and am more present day to day than i've ever been. Jonalyn was an excellent space holder and guide through the process and has the gifts and professional training to really make an impact in this world. 

Anne, Oakland

It’s important for me to seek out practitioners who are highly knowledgable and properly trained. Jonalyn encompasses these qualities and holds space that is safe, nurturing, and healing. I appreciate her attentiveness, caring intuition, intention setting, and integration. She holds the upmost respect for this sacred medicine. I always feel refreshed after each ceremony with the help of Jonalyn’s guidance and magical energy even though cleansing with Kambo is intense.

All sessions always include:

Wellness & Intake Session

After completing the intake form we'll schedule a 60 minute ​conversation about your current state, what's coming up for you, and how you'd like to work with kambo. Together we'll gain clarity on your intentions for the ceremony and talk about to prepare for the cleaning ritual.


Integration is a critical aspect of the healing process. After the ceremony we'll talk about what happened for you during your experience, work with the emotional, spiritual, and physical body by following the thread of the unconscious, and discuss how you'll continue to integrate at home.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. The material on this site is provided for informational purposes only and is not medical advice. Always consult your physician before using any alternative healing modalities. 

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