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Spiritual Awakenings, Gender Identification, and Sexuality

I operate under the assumption that a spiritual experience can shatter our known societal limitations on our own minds. After a spiritual awkening, it is possible for someone to discover themselves beyond and outside of the hetero-normative binary views of gender, sexuality, and relationships that society has placed on all of us.

Often, a spiritual experience can be an awakening of a certain type of energy and often in terms of sexuality, it's the kundalini or life force energy. One who experiences this type of awakening may no longer have the same heteronormative views they had before the experience and may find themselves sexually and romantically attracted to all genders. The previous “filters” that once limited normal awareness are now “awake” to different ways of being in the world. No longer does the individual believe that sexual or romantic attraction ought to be limited in the same ways society limits them.

Additionally, there can be an awakening to the idea that each person, no matter their gender, holds both feminine and masculine qualities and traits. This has been studied for many years throughout Jungian psychology and eastern and indigenous cultures and practices. The psyche contains both the feminine and the masculine and can be seen as inherently androgynous although, generally speaking, a personality naturally takes on the gender role one is born into. Each male has female aspects and each female has male aspects. This can be incredibly confusing when one is awakening to the idea that they no longer fit into the stereotypical gender roles society has placed on them. It can also be confusing when one is exploring their sexuality and they feel themselves taking on roles of another gender or multiple genders at once.

It’s important to remember that gender identity, gender expression, biological sex, and sexual orientation are all independent of one another. These affect each other but they do not determine each other. It’s easy to get caught up in stereotyping genders and it’s helpful to view gender as complimentary instead of opposites - they complete each other. This way, you can be whoever and whatever you want at any given time. In what ways have your feminine and masculine qualities been repressed?

​Working with me, we can explore who you are both in and outside of the context of society and the limitations you feel are put on you every day. It is my mission to help you to slow down, inquire within, and develop the necessary changes to heal the pain that keeps you from being who you truly want to be within yourself, in your relationships, and in the world.


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