Psychedelic Integration : Kambô : Spiritual Coaching

What i Do

I'm a consciousness based researcher, spiritual coach, intuitive movement practitioner, and Kambo practitioner. My work revolves around exploring the mind-body connection and how it is that altered states of consciousness and movement help excavate trauma out of the body. I'm also a digital artist, creating images (like the images below) that display my own personal archetypes.


In this 1 hour session, you'll be guided to navigate what was awoken in you during your ceremony or spiritual/psychedelic experience. 


Individual or group Kambô healing ritual ceremonies. Ceremony includes preparation, integration, and plant baths. 


In this 1 hour spiritual coaching session, we will work with the unconscious to unveil emotional and spiritual blocks, use embodied practices to release them, and integrate into existence a new way of being.


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